Grilled Jalapeno Cornbread

A twist on a Southern favorite, this grilled jalapeno cornbread picks up a delicious smoky flavor when cooked on the pellet grill. Warm, soft and sweet, cornbread is the perfect accompaniment for any BBQ spread or weeknight meal. This grilled version is moist inside with deliciously crispy edges and a hint of wood-fired smokiness. Topped with a sweet and spicy compound butter with fresh jalapenos and honey, this is the ultimate mouthwatering treat.

Cornbread is an excellent side for barbecue because it can soak up any juices or sauces that have fallen onto your plate. It’s also great for dipping into a nice bowl of chili or even a queso dip. We recommend pairing with a beef stew that has been braised on the grill. The mix of the savory flavors of the beef with the sweet and spicy tastes from the cornbread and jalapenos will ignite taste buds and delight any guest.