Mother's Day

Not all heroes wear capes! As far as we’re concerned, the real superheroes carry the title of “Mom.”

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, we wanted to give a special shout out to one of our own heroes: a do-it-all, busy mom from Toronto, Canada.

Meet Kara, or as her Instagram followers know her as Scale and Tailor.

She’s a Louisiana Grills brand ambassador and stay-at-home mom. Each day, Kara invites her followers along as she spends her days grilling in her backyard, dancing in her kitchen, and creating new recipes on her Louisiana Grill.

In addition, she gives a peak into her life as her children and family grow, featuring both the good and difficult aspects of being a stay-at-home mom to a 4-year-old and 2-year-old with a third on the way.

Kara says it best: “You’ll find the raw messy bun mom one day, and the put-together content creator mom the next. Raw – Real – Fun – High Energy and extremely RELATABLE.”

She got her start in outdoor cooking about 3 years ago. She was inspired by watching others grill via social media.

“I was always well versed in the kitchen but wanted to challenge myself on the grill,” Kara said. “It has always intrigued me. Ever since I got my first Louisiana Grill, I haven't left its side. Now, my oven is hardly ever used.”

For Kara, her Louisiana Grill means more family time.

“My tip for any mom is.... SKIP THE DISHES!!” she said. “Do you know how much easier clean-up is when you throw your main dish on your grill?”

Not only does this free up time to spend together, but it also means quality time.

“I love how when my family is all outside, I'm not stuck in the kitchen,” Kara said. “Anything you can make in your oven, you can make better on your grill.”

That includes side dishes, vegetables, meat, and even desserts – all right on the grill.

“Being all together means the world to me, and so is creating a whole meal from start to finish on my Louisiana Grill,” she added.

Challenging herself with new recipes is a favorite pastime, and that’s what brings her the most enjoyment.

Her go-to cook is beef ribs.

“Either short ribs or back ribs, does not matter,” Kara said. “This brisket on a stick is FULL of flavor.”

When it comes to her family’s favorite, Kara is serving up chicken drumsticks. It’s her go-to meal that’s easy to pull together and is always a hit. She says her son always requests them to be seasoned with either the Louisiana Grills Maple Walnut Rub or Black Truffle Rub. It’s also fun to get her kids involved in the food prep, particularly with desserts. For example, this Maple Peach Galette recipe she created. It’s a tasty, sweet treat that the whole family enjoys.

Mother’s Day is coming up, and she’s hoping to spend it like she spends many of her days: outside with her family.

“I love the outdoors and believe that is why I love to grill so much,” Kara said. “Take me on a hike followed by some beef ribs on the grill and you will have on happy Mama. Some extra hugs and kisses wouldn't hurt either.” Learn more about Kara here or follow along with her adventures on Instagram.