Elevate your backyard barbecue with a hot dog bar

Barbecue is synonymous with Fourth of July celebrations. This summer, wow your July 4th party guests with a new take on a cookout staple – Louisiana Grills style.  

Our recommended flavor combinations will take hot dogs from the kids’ table and elevate them to the centerpiece of your backyard barbecue. With a little planning and prep work, you’ll have a beautiful display of food, requiring very little effort.  

Simply fire up your Louisiana Grill, set up your ultimate hot dog bar, and invite guests to dig in! 


Hot Dog Bar Set-up 

Here’s what you’ll need to make it happen: 

  • Enough hot dogs or brats to feed all of your guests 
  • Plenty of hot dog buns and Kings Hawaiian Rolls (separated into 3’s, and cut like a hot dog bun) 
  • A variety of toppings and condiments (our recommended toppings and flavor combinations are listed below) 
  • Festive Fourth of July décor 
  • Louisiana Grills Mesquite Blend Hardwood Pellets 

Before the party, gather all your ingredients and decorate your table with all the red, white, and blue you can stand.  

Then, prep and place all your hot dog toppings and condiments into serving dishes and arrange on the table.  

Once the party gets started, toss the hot dogs on the grill and guests can assemble their dogs with the selection of toppings, buffet style. We recommend fueling up with Louisiana Grills Mesquite Blend Hardwood Pellets for added flavor! 

Hot Dog Topping Combinations 

With a hot dog bar, the flavor combinations are endless. But we’ve put together a few must-try options to give you some inspiration for building your buffet.  

Bacon Slaw Dog – A creamy, “bacon” dog with great BBQ flavor! 

Bacon bits, cole slaw, and Louisiana Grills Sweet Onion Applewood BBQ Sauce are all you need. Top your hot dog generously with bacon bits, then add the cole slaw and pour on the BBQ sauce over the top.  


Chili Cheese Brat – Cheesy, spicy, crispy way to enjoy your BBQ! 

With your brat in a bun, top with your favorite beef chili, cheddar jack cheese, and crispy fried jalapeno pieces (We like Trader Joe’s Crispy Jalapeno Pieces) – Fried onions are a great substitute too. 


Way Down South – Cool, creamy, and spicy is the way to go! 

Start with a brat in a bun, and top with sliced tomatoes, sliced avocados, chipotle Aioli, sour cream, and sliced jalapeno. This one packs a lot of flavors in every bite!  

Chorizo and Cheese – Use a King’s Hawaiian Roll for added sweetness. 

Place the hot dog into the King’s Hawaiian roll, and top generously with your favorite chorizo. Next add pepper jack cheese, and fresh cilantro to top.  


Give any of these recipes a try, and substitute or add ingredients according to your tastes. Enjoy!