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Original BBQ Sauce

50590   |   $8.99 USD

Louisiana Grills Original BBQ Sauce

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Assembled Unit: 3.000in x 3.000in x 7.000in


Assembled Unit: 2.000lbs

Home, sweet home: our signature Original BBQ Sauce is a premium blend of molasses, Worcestershire, soya, garlic and mild chili peppers. Sweet and tangy, this exceptional creation is mildly spicy with a thick composition that is dark brown in color. Sold in 18 oz. bottle, our Original BBQ Sauce is Fat and Gluten Free with no MSG. Use during cooking or as a dipping sauce.

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Louisiana Grills Louisiana Grills Original BBQ Sauce Reviews

Herbert Michael Morris 09/03/2018

My father was an Executive Chef at the Grosse Point Yacht club and a Sous Chef at the Country club of Detroit and specialized in Sauces and know what a great sauce is I would give this 5 stars.

Herbert Michael Morris 09/03/2018

This is an excellent recipe for B.B.Q sauce it is thick enough to stay on the meat and just the right zing of spicy delight. All of the guest that tasted it always talk about how great it is.

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