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7 Series Vertical Smoker - V7PC1

63250   |   $60.00

LG 7 Series Vertical Smoker - LGV7PC1

Product information

Safeguard your LGV7PC1 with the custom designed Louisiana Grills smoker cover. Keep out rain, dust, dirt, or accidental scratches with 600D polyester reinforced with PVC backing. The form-fitting full-length coverage also features: a full side opening zipper for easy installation, UV protection, high-end thread to prevent color bleeding, and locking drawstrings for quick tightening wind coverage. Experience heavy duty, weather resistant protection that will keep your smoker bossin’ for years with the LG smoker cover.

  • Designed for LGV7PC1
  • Easy Installation Zipper
  • UV protection
  • Locking Drawstring
  • Heavy-duty polyester construction with PVC backing

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