Black Label Series 1200 Grill Bundle

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The Black Label Series by Louisiana Grills is flavor redefined. It reimagines the original Louisiana Series Grill Line by including upscale designs and premium technology upgrades. Enjoy an intelligent digital control board with built-in WIFI and Bluetooth capability. Anything you can do on your digital control board can be done in the palm of your hand using a smartphone and the Louisiana Grills app. The Black Label Series also takes bold steps into the future with a robust, fully designed proprietary exhaust system. Welcome yourself to the upper echelon of grilling by reaching hotter grill temperatures at speeds faster than ever before. The Black Label Series provides a thoughtful, griller-focused experience that puts you in control of luxury outdoor cooking.

How to properly install LG Burn Pot

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    Bundle includes:
  • LG Black Label Series 1200 Wood Pellet Grill
  • Grill Cover
  • 40LB Competition Blend Wood Pellets
  • 6 pack of Spices based on availability

5 year warranty

Louisiana Grills® proudly offers a best in class 5-year warranty on all of our grills.

Real Wood Flavor

Our 100% natural hardwood pellets provide great smoke flavor. No artificial scents or sprays

Hopper Cleanout System

The hopper cleanout system allows you to easily exchange out pellet flavors.

Folding Front Shelf

Sturdy folding front shelf gives you the option of adjusting your food in front of the grill.

Built in Smoke Rack

Place meat hooks on the smoke rack to smoke sausage and ribs while they hang vertically

Cooking Grates

The porcelain coated cast iron grates allow for more even cooking at high temperatures

Enhance Your Louisiana Grill.