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Cooking Space:
913 SQ. IN.

14 LBS.


Product information

BTU Value: 48,000
Burger Capacity: 46


Assembled Unit: 30.50in x 45.30in x 43.70in


Assembled Unit: 175.2lbs

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Louisiana Grills LG900C2 Reviews

Terry Zahrenhusen 05/10/2019

Owned mine for a week now. Smoked ribs and Ribeyes.. Cooked up burgers. This smoker exceeds expectations. I wish I would have bought this thing years a go.

Daniel Conner 05/05/2019

Amazing grill! I read a few reviews about how it does not keep a consistent temperature, but I have not had this problem and every time I have cook with the grill it’s only been 38 degrees outside, you have to love North Dakota. I have cook several different things on it already ranging from BBQ ribs to Mac and cheese. The taste is amazing and surprisingly does not really use as much pellets as I thought it would for cooking on it for over 12 hours with a temperature of 38 degrees outside.

The book does a good job of telling you how to assemble grill. All peace’s fit together really well and when assembling you can tell how heavy and built to last the product really is. Assembly is easier with two people, when me and my friend put it together it took about a hour to assemble.

Overall very happy with this grill.

Thank you Louisiana grill for producing an amazing product.

Greg Maple 04/22/2019

Great grill not a problem with the set up and works just as good as the competition for a cheaper price very happy

Scott Bean 03/28/2019

Great grill! Not too bad to assemble, just take your time. Have finished off a brisket, ribs, beer can chicken and all were great. Had Costco prime filets tonight, started slow st 235 for bout an hour with thick onion slabs on the side Finished steaks with burners open and butter on onions. Perfectly done!
No flare ups while doing chicken thighs for chicken salad. Can’t say enough about this grill.

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