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Whole Hog

51750   |   $3,800.00

LG Whole Hog
LG Whole Hog LG Whole Hog LG Whole Hog LG Whole Hog

Product information

Wood Pellet Grill
Got a lot to cook? Then go Whole Hog! With two digital control panels, two hoppers, two separate cooking chambers, and dual convection fans, the Louisiana Grills Whole Hog is one serious pellet grill. It’s also an incredibly versatile do-everything cooker. Use the independent cooking chambers to cook different food at two separate temperatures—smoke a brisket in one while a turkey roasts in the other. Or use the removable divider to make the Whole Hog an extra large smoker that can handle a small-medium hog. Whichever alignment you choose, the Digital Control Center makes cooking easy. Just load your favorite pellets, program the temperature, and let the Whole Hog do the rest. Uses 110V AC power.

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