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K18 - Black

61180   |   $749.99 USD

Cooking Space:
177 SQ. IN.

LG K18 - Black
LG K18 - Black LG K18 - Black

Product information

Charcoal Grill
Control Type: Top/Bottom Damper Vents
Burger Capacity: 32


Assembled Unit: 24.80in x 44.50in x 41.70in


Assembled Unit: 132.3lbs

Designed with every tradition and lifestyle in mind, the LG Ceramic Series offers superior charcoal grilling in your own backyard. Complete with bamboo side shelves and ash tool, the LG K18 features a 177 sq. inch cooking grid comprised of 304 stainless steel for premium grilling. The Ceramic Series can range up to 700 degrees F for all of your barbecue needs.  Fueled by Louisiana Grills’ 100% all natural lump charcoal, experience a cleaner, hotter burn that is proven to last longer. Experience either direct or indirect flame cooking with the addition of LG’s heat deflector. Smoke, bake, sear, roast or char-grill, this 5-1 in cooking technology will change your perception of food.

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