Lemon Smoked Salmon

Cook Time

60 Mins

Cooking Method






Prep Time

5 Mins




1 tbsp Cracked Black Pepper

¼ cup dark brown sugar

8oz Gin or Vodka

1 tbsp Ground Fennel Seed

2 tbsp Kosher Salt

2, sliced Lemons

2, 8 – 10 oz Salmon Fillets, Skin Off

Cooking Instructions

While it only takes salmon a few hours to smoke, it tastes like you smoked it all day. The fatty, soft meat and the skin absorb the aromas incredibly efficiently, giving off a pleasing smell as you take a bite. This Lemon Smoked Salmon Fillet recipe is first cured overnight in your refrigerator and then smoked for about 2 hours, low and slow on your Louisiana Grills Wood Pellet Grill.

How to Cure a Salmon for Smoking

Combine 8oz gin or vodka, 2 tbsp kosher salt, 1 tbsp cracked black pepper, 1 tbsp ground fennel seed, ¼ cup dark brown sugar for the cure and spread on a sheet pan, place the salmon over the cure skin side up, cover with plastic wrap, refrigerate overnight.

Best Wood Pellets for Salmon

It is recommended to use a lighter hardwood like New England Apple Hardwood Pellets with this recipe.

  1. Pre -heat your Louisiana Grills Pellet Grill to 225°F.
  2. Remove the salmon from the cure, gently rinse the cure from the fish and pat dry.
  3. Place the fish on the grill, skin side down on the grill.
  4. Place the lemon slices evenly over the salmon fillets.
  5. Smoke until done. Salmon is cooked when the albumin (white stuff) comes out.

Special Tools

  • Plastic Wrap
  • Sheet Pan


The best time to Smoke salmon is during the coolest part of the day, particularly during the early morning hours.