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Pork Tenderloin Veggie Skewers

Pork Tenderloin Veggie Skewers

Pork Tenderloin Veggie Skewers


Olive Oil
Pork, Tenderloin
Red Bell Peppers
Rice, Cooked
Yellow Bell Pepper, Sliced

Cooking Instructions

  1. Cut pork tenderloin into 1 inch cubes, drizzle with olive oil.Salt and pepper,Louisiana Grills Pulled Pork Rub (generous coating)

  2. Alternate pork, red pepper, red onion, yellow pepper - (repeat) on skewers

  3. Place directly on preheated grill to 375

  4. rotate skewers regularly.Bbq for approx Serve on a bed of Jasmine Rice.

  5. This is hands down one of the tastiest dishes I have ever made, so simple but totally delish.

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