Bacon Wrapped Tenderloin

Cook Time

30 Mins

Cooking Method






Prep Time

20 Mins




1 Package Bacon, Thick Cut

3 Tbsp Hickory Bacon Seasoning

1/4 Cup Maple Syrup

2 Tbsp Olive Oil

1 Trimmed with Silver Skin Removed Pork, Tenderloin

Cooking Instructions

This bacon wrapped tenderloin is an easy recipe with delicious flavors from the maple glaze and wood pellets. The bacon keeps the lean tenderloin tender and juicy while infusing its famous flavors into the meat. On a busy weekday night, this is one recipe that will become a family favorite. Serve with potatoes and a green veggie and this recipe becomes a comfort food classic.

How to Grill Pork Tenderloin

With the forced fan convection cooking of a pellet grill, pork tenderloin on the grill can be cooked with the same controlled, indirect heat many enjoy in the oven. Only with a pellet grill, there is the added benefit of cooking outside.

How Long to Bake Pork Tenderloin

With this recipe, it takes about 15 minutes at 350°F and another 15 at 400°F for a total of 30 minutes. An easy dish with abundant flavors.

Maple Glaze

After being wrapped in bacon, the tenderloin is brush with maple syrup, olive oil, and Hickory Bacon Rub for a tangy, sweet and savory glaze.

Note: It is recommended to use Competition Hardwood Pellets with this recipe.

  1. Lay the strips of bacon out flat, with each strip slightly overlapping the other. Sprinkle the pork tenderloin with 1 tablespoon of the Hickory Bacon Rub and lay in the center. Wrap with bacon over the tenderloin and tuck in the ends.
  2. In a small bowl, mix the olive oil, maple syrup and remaining seasoning together and brush onto the wrapped tenderloin.
  3. Preheat your Louisiana Grill to 350°F. When the grill is ready, place your tenderloin on the grill and cook, turning, for 15 minutes, then increase the grill temperature to 400°F and grill for another 15 minutes or until the internal temperature is 145°F. Serve and enjoy!

Special Tools

  • Small Mixing Bowl


For a paleo/keto option, replace the maple with your favorite sugar free breakfast syrup.