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Blue Cheese and Apple Crusted Pork Loin

Blue Cheese and Apple Crusted Pork Loin

Cook Time

15-30 Mins



Prep Time

60 Mins



Blue Cheese and Apple Crusted Pork Loin


1 cup Blue Cheese, Crumbles
4 Tablespoon (1/2 stick) Butter
1 1/2 Cups Dried Apples, Granny Smith
1-2 oz Olive Oil
3 lbs Pork Loin

Cooking Instructions

    Louisiana Grill
    Kitchen Scale
    Mixing Bowl
    Tin Pan

  1. Combine the blue cheese crumbles and the dried apples into the mixing bowl. Slowly add the butter as you mix with your hands until evenly coated. Careful to not add too much butter – use your discretion!

  2. Place the pork loin in the tin pan. Add the blue cheese and apple mixture to the top of the pork loin.

  3. Preheat your Louisiana to 350°F.
  4. Cook time will take approximately 15-30 minutes depending on the thickness of your pork loin. Use your meat probe to check the temperature at 15 minutes. Pork is cooked at 160-165°.

  5. Remove the pork loin from the grill. Let stand for 5 minutes, and transfer to a large plate before cutting and plating.

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