Reverse Sear Ribeye Roast with Fennel & Rosemary

Cook Time

145 mins

Cooking Method






Prep Time

480 mins


4 – 6


1 tbsp Fennel, ground

3 Garlic Clove, Minced

1 tbsp Louisiana Grills Chop House Steak Seasoning

Olive Oil

bone-in, 1 5lb. Rib Eye Roast

1 tbsp Rosemary Leaves, dried

Cooking Instructions

Sure to be a show-stopper at your holiday gathering, this Reverse Sear Ribeye Roast Prime Rib Roast , Standing Rib Roast) with Fennel & Rosemary is a foolproof and elegant way to cook your rib roast. This king of holiday roasts is dry brined in an herb crust with fennel, rosemary and garlic then reverse seared to ensure a perfectly cooked center. Reverse searing helps keep the interior juicy while creating a deep brown irresistibly crispy and flavorful crust.

Why Dry Brine?

Dry brining allows the salt and other water soluble ingredients to dissolve and seep their way into the meat. This helps add flavor to the interior of thicker meats instead of just seasoning the exterior portion.

Best Wood Pellets for Ribeye Roasts

The bacon like flavors of Hickory Hardwood pairs the best with such a flavorful cut of beef like Ribeye.

Note: This recipe uses Louisiana Grills Chop House Steak Rub seasoning.

  1. Place roast, fat side down, on a cutting board with a long side facing you. If desired, “french” or cut away the meat about 1 1/2" from the tip of the bones. Score fat cap in a crosshatch pattern, spacing cuts 1" apart.
  2. Rub roast all over with minced garlic, coating all sides. In a small bowl, combine Chop House seasoning, fennel, and rosemary leaves. Sprinkle over roast to season. Place roast, fat-cap side up, in a glass baking dish and refrigerate overnight (uncovered).
  3. One hour prior to cooking, remove roast from the refrigerator. Fire up your Louisiana Grills pellet grill and preheat to 225°F. If using a gas or charcoal grill, set it up for low indirect heat.
  4. Place seasoned roast on a cast iron skillet, drizzle with olive oil, and transfer to grill. Cook roast for 1 hour 45 minutes, or until internal temperature reaches 120°F. Remove from grill and allow roast to rest for 15 minutes.
  5. Increase grill temperature to 500°F, then return roast to grill and cook an additional 10 minutes. Allow roast to rest for 15 minutes, slice and serve.

Special Tools

  • Cast Iron Skillet
  • Cutting Board
  • glass baking dish
  • Kitchen Knife
  • Small Bowl
  • Temperature Probe


Opt for a bone-in prime rib roast. Leaving the meat on the bone adds more flavor as it cooks.