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Long Road to Ribs Recipe

Long Road to Ribs Recipe

Long Road to Ribs Recipe



Cooking Instructions

  1. Ribs on the Pit boss stand up smoker seasoning,be sure to peel

  2. off the fleshy layer of fat covering the back of the ribs.
    Rub each rack of ribs with 1/2 cup French''s Mustard as a bonding agent Generously
    rub LG Rib Rub over both sides of ribsWrap each rib rack in its on individual package of tin foil and pour in 1/2 cup of orange juice
    Smoke for 4 hours at 200 Degrees
    Unwrap each rack ofribs and continue to smoke at 180 degrees for 90 min brushing every 30 min with LG Kansas City style Sauce Let rest for 15 min in a covered dish before enjoying.

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