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61100   |   $779.99 USD

Cooking Space:
1061 SQ. IN.

14 LBS.

LG 1100
LG 1100 LG 1100 LG 1100 LG 1100

Product information

Wood Pellet Grill
Control Type: G3 - Digital Control Center
BTU Value: 20700
Burger Capacity: 35


Assembled Unit: 51.60in x 43.70in x 23.70in


Assembled Unit: 178.0lbs

Own a world class BBQ in your own backyard. The LG900 presents the same game-changing features as the LG900 integrated with a larger cooking surface. Perfect for large families and social gatherings. The LG900 bears an easy to clean . 913 square inch cast iron cooking grid. Elevate your BBQ experience with LG's burn system and slide-plate flame broiler for direct and indirect cooking. Strengthened with heavy duty steel and reinforced lid. The LG series heats up 600°F with true convection cooking. Upgrade the LG900 with side shelves or a hopper extention to boost your grilling performance. With eight separate cooking functions. The LG series will change the way you think about BBQ.

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Louisiana Grills LG 1100 Reviews

Joseph Roy Sagario 03/28/2019

Like never before its awesome bbq grill, you don’t have to buy anything else like this.Family loves this bbq grill...

Mike A. 09/15/2018

My world has changed forever! I purchased my LG1100 from Costco late Spring 2018. Up until that time, I've been grilling for over 35+ years using briquettes and or gas, but never have tried a pellet style smoker/grill. It was easy to assemble, took less than 30 minutes in my garage. Wheeled it out to our deck, filled up the hopper and plugged into grilling heaven. The whole family is excited for grilling time now and the slow cooked roasts have been over the top with flavor and moisture. The juices that run out of a perfectly reversed seared steak are amazing. I am now going to purchase the cold smoker attachment to venture into making our own jerky's and cold smoked sausages. I highly recommend the LG1100 wood pellet grill!

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