Louisiana Grills 10" x 20' Cast Iron Griddle

SKU: 60525


Experience the difference of cast iron cooking with a dual-sided, pre-seasoned griddle from Louisiana Grills. Featuring a durable and natural non-stick cooking surface, this griddle insert is perfect on any type of grill and is ready to use straight out of the box. The Louisiana Grills 10x20” cast iron griddle boasts ergonomic, easy-grip handles, making it easy to transport breakfast, lunch and dinner directly from the grill to the table. Because this insert is double-sided, you can make your favorite flat-iron creation or use the ridged side for a more traditional grill job. Enhance the sophistication of outdoor cooking with Louisiana Grills.

Care Instructions: Rinse the griddle with water only. Dry well. Season whenever the griddle starts to lose its well-oiled shine.

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