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Cold Smoke Cabinet

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Louisiana Grills Cold Smoke Cabinet
Louisiana Grills Cold Smoke Cabinet Louisiana Grills Cold Smoke Cabinet Louisiana Grills Cold Smoke Cabinet

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Assembled Unit: 20.00in x 21.25in x 31.00in


Assembled Unit: 85.00lbs

Let’s talk upgrades. Built from steel and designed to last, the Louisiana Grills Cold Smoke Cabinet can easily be installed to your LG Series or Country Smoker grill. The standard five removable, stainless-steel racks provide an impressive 1396 square inches of smoking surface, which can be increased to 2790 square inches with the optional, additional five racks. Using smoke and convection heat from the all-natural wood pellets of the main grill, you can easily control the cabinet temperature by simply adjusting the connecting damper. Cold smoke your cheese, or cure and smoke your jerky, salmon, bacon or nuts. May also be used as a warming oven.

  •  Louisiana Grills Cold Smoke Cabinet allows you to upgrade your grill/smoker with a dedicated smoke cabinet
  • Cold smoke/cure meat, cheese, and fish
  •  Glow-in-the-dark temperature gauges on the top and bottom for easily temperature monitoring
  • 1,396 sq. in. of smoking surface
  • 5 stainless steel racks
  • Lower the locking leg to add stability
  • 2 magnetic latches ensure the door stays securely closed
  • This kit attaches easily to Country Smokers:  CS420, CS450, CS570, and CS680
  • Attaches easily to Louisiana Grills: LG 700, LG 900, and LG 1100
  • Steel Construction

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