5 Important Tips for Wood Pellet Storage

5 Important Tips for Wood Pellet Storage

Learn the top 5 most important tips for wood pellet storage to preserve and protect the natural hardwood flavors of your fuel source. Properly storing wood pellets not only help prolong the life of your pellets but can also protect your wood pellet grill or smoker from an auger jam and flame out.

Do Wood Pellets Go Bad?

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Wood pellets are made from, you guessed it: wood. As such, wood is sourced from living, breathing, organic material that can be affected and altered by time and the elements, particularly moisture. Even if properly stored under optimal conditions, wood pellets can eventually lose the natural hardwood flavor they are known for. Louisiana Grills hardwood pellets contain no chemicals or preservatives, so eventually they will need to be replaced with newer pellets.

The good news is that when properly stored, wood pellets can last and retain flavor for a long time.

Tips for Storing Wood Pellets

Use the following tips to help prolong the usability and flavor of your wood pellets:

1. Store in a dry area, free from mold and moisture

Because wood retains moisture, when pellets are exposed to the elements, it is more difficult to burn and smoke when it comes time to using your wood pellet grill. If pellets are damp, this can affect your grill from reaching desired temperatures or even worse, they could not ignite at all, causing a flame out.

2. Store wood pellets in a bucket with a sealable lid

Any hardware store should have a nice five gallon bucket with a lid that will clamp down and lock out air and moisture from reaching your wood pellets.

3. Store away from heat and flames

Wood pellets are extremely flammable and should be stored with caution. Avoid placing them near your water heater, or near your fireplace. Even if you have a brand-new sealed bag of pellets, they can still ignite if exposed to extreme heat or a flame.

4. If storing outside, store pellets on an elevated surface

If you are storing unused pellets outside, be sure that they are on an elevated surface, off the ground. It’s easy for moisture from rain or irrigation to seep its way in the bag if it is resting on dirt, grass, or even your concrete deck. Also, make sure your bags are covered and protected.

5. If it doesn’t snap, it’s a wrap

A simple way to test the freshness of your wood pellets is to break them in half. If it snaps, then your pellets are nice and dry and good to use. If it just bends and is hard to break (or doesn’t break at all) then it may be time to replace your pellets. Test a few more to be sure though.

Time for New Wood Pellets?

If you read this article and think it may be time to order new pellets and to start storing them the right way, visit our fuel shop where you can choose from a variety of our high-quality hardwood pellets made in the United States.

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