5 Tips to Know Where to Buy High Quality Meat

5 Tips to Know Where to Buy High Quality Meat

Have you ever gone to a large grocery chain, spent time to pick out a pricey steak from the meat section and come home to cook it on your grill, only to be left disappointed? You did everything right.

You didn’t freeze it. You followed the recipe and seasoned the steak perfectly. You even let it rest for 10 minutes after you were done cooking it. But something just wasn’t right about the taste. Believe it or not, buying high quality meat can make a huge difference in the overall texture and flavor. Cheap meat can be bland and flavorless because of how the animal is raised and how the meat is processed. But price isn’t necessarily an indicator of high-quality meat, so here are 5 tips to buying the best meat in your area.

How to Know Where to Buy High Quality Meat

Use these tips and you’ll have a full-flavor meal the next time you use your Louisiana Grill:

1. Go local and grass fed

Grass fed beef isn’t just a trendy fad. There are scientific reasons why it’s better than grain fed beef. Some of it has to do with how the cow is processed. Cow’s that are processed on grass fed farms tend to be less stressed which effects the amount of lactic acid in their muscles.

Atlas Obscura describes the effect of lactic acid on the tenderness and flavor of meat:

“In an unstressed animal, after death, muscle glycogen is converted into lactic acid, which helps keep meat tender, pink, and flavorful. Adrenaline released by stress before slaughter uses up glycogen, which means there’s not enough lactic acid produced postmortem. This affects different kind of meat in different ways, but in general, it’ll be tough, tasteless, and high in pH, and will go bad quicker than unstressed meat. (Lactic acid helps slow the growth of spoilage bacteria).”

2. If you can’t reach the farm, try the farmers market

Besides the farm, farmers markets are the best place to buy local meat. There you will find all kinds of quality meat products from a wide range of farms in your community. Not only will the local farmers appreciate you helping them by increasing their overall profitability, you will also be establishing relationships with members of your community. By building this type of relationship, your local farmer may even set aside some of their best products just for you! Because what local business owner doesn’t like to take care of their regulars?

If you have farmers markets in your area, we suggest taking advantage of this convenience and getting to know your local farmer.

3. Visit your local butcher

Just a few years ago, the independent butcher shop was becoming a relic of the past. This is one industry where people were trading in quality for convenience. Thankfully, people are now realizing just how special it is to get the best meat they can buy from the local butcher shop. If you are lucky to have one in your area, invest in the extra trip and visit one for your next meat order.

One key element to visiting your local butcher is to find one that sources meat locally from pasture raised animals. Again, you want your meat to come from humanely and happily raised animals that lived a good life. Besides being the right thing to do, your meat will taste so much better!

4. Got a hunting license? Go hunt!

Wild game, without a doubt, is the best quality meat you can get. If you want to be as close to the source as possible, while helping contribute to local conservation efforts , hunting can be a great way to procure and process your meat.

5. Don’t be afraid to shop online

Not everyone has a local butcher shop or farmers markets in their area. Fortunately, you can also turn to the web for high quality meat. A good online butcher will give you the full story on how the animals are raised, processed, and stored. If they don’t, move on to the next site.

Convenience is an amazing benefit for online butcher stores. Nothing beats ordering a few steaks on your phone on a Wednesday night to have them arrive just in time for the weekend.

A High Quality Pellet Grill for High Quality Meats

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