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What is a Kamado Grill?

In recent years, charcoal grilling enthusiasts have turned their attention to Kamado Grills. These charcoal grills, made entirely out of a ceramic shell, have been known to circulate and retain heat better than a standard charcoal kettle grill. It’s an ancient design that has now become a growing niche in the barbecue community. If you’re exposure to BBQ and grilling has been mainly propane, pellet, and standard charcoal grills, you may be asking yourself, exactly what is a kamado grill? In this article, we will answer this question, show you how they work, and list some of the main benefits of using one.

So, What is a Kamado Grill?

A kamado grill, to put it simply, is similar to the rounded, kettle shaped charcoal grill we all grew up with. Whereas standard charcoal grills are shaped like a dome and made of metal, Kamado Grills are typically oval shaped and look much like a large urn or even an egg. This design actually originated in Japan some 3,000 years ago when people first used Kamados to cook rice and then later installed a cooking grid for grilling and roasting meats.

What are the Benefits of a Kamado Grill?

There are several ways Kamado Grills can benefit the backyard griller who is looking to enhance their outdoor cooking experience:


Kamado Grills are exceptional for grilling, smoking, baking, BBQ, and roasting. This versatility allows the outdoor cook many unique options in one grill.

Feel like making a true wood fired pizza ? Because of its design, kamado grills make exceptional pizza ovens since they are extremely efficient at insulating and circulating heat throughout the grill. This results in a crispy bottom crust while perfectly melting the top layer of cheese.

And don’t forget about the classics either. Steaks, ribs, burgers, the Kamado can cook them all with that classic lump charcoal flavor. Speaking of which....


Kamado Grills use wood lump charcoal which results in a tasty smoke and charcoal flavor that is classically associated with grilling.

Ceramic charcoal grills also do a tremendous job at retaining the moisture of whatever you are cooking. Since air is locked tightly, your meat remains more tender and juicier than it would on a regular charcoal grill.

Steady Temperatures

Since Kamado Grills are so well insulated, temperatures hold relatively steady for longer periods of time compared to a traditional charcoal grill. There is a learning curve to controlling temperatures as you will need to play around with the dampers to balance the intake and outflow of air.

In short:

More air = more heat, less air = less heat.


As champion Pit Master Chris Lilly states quite perfectly

"Ask your children what color they want, because they will inherit it."

As long as you treat your Kamado with care (and don’t drop it from a height where it can crack), it should last a very long time.

Maintenance is Simple

Cleaning and maintaining a Kamado Grill is a breeze. Simply clean your grates and gently brush out the bottom. The ceramic is self-cleaning so do not use a wire brush as they can damage the surface.

A Great Grill for the Winter

Because Kamados are constructed to have such effective insulation, cold temperatures do not have the same effect on internal temperatures as it does on other grills. You may have to use more fuel to bring your grill up to its desired temperature, but once it reaches that temp, it will hold much better than a standard charcoal or propane grill.

Kamado Ceramic Charcoal Grills by Louisiana Grills

We offer the best in 5 in 1 outdoor cooking versatility. Our Kamado grills are made with the highest quality construction materials, meant to last, and backed by a 5-year warranty.

Check out the ceramic charcoal grills that refers to as:

“This grill is a piece of artwork!”

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