The Best Pellets for Smoking on Your Louisiana Grill

One of the main benefits of using a Pellet Grill or Vertical Smoker are the flavors you can achieve from smoking your food “low and slow”. This method preserves tenderness and maximizes retention of natural flavors during the cooking process. Popularly known as BBQ, smoking is one of the main 8 in 1 cooking options our customers love about our Louisiana Pellet Grills. Using our wood pellets can enhance the natural flavors of whatever meal you choose to cook on your grill. Here are the best pellets for smoking on your Louisiana Grill, no matter what you have served up for dinner tonight.

A word about Louisiana Grills Hardwood Pellets

Louisiana Grills Hardwood Pellets are sourced from the hardwood forests of North America. The pellets are bound together under heat and pressure by the natural lignin found in hardwood. No glue or binders are ever used during the process. All of the natural wood flavor comes from the wood itself. No artificial scents or sprays are used to mislead the consumer.

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Best Pellets for Smoking Meats

First, let’s start with some popular meat cuts. We could write a book on smoking all of the different types of meat, so we chose some of the most popular that are used for smoking. However, pellet pairings don’t usually change much from animal to animal so what you use on your beef brisket will probably work on your beef short rib.

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Image of brisket

Speaking of brisket, we thought we would start with the Mt. Everest of smoking. Brisket usually takes many hours to smoke depending on the cut and how tender you are wanting the meat to be, but as most BBQ pitmasters know, the results are well worth the effort!

There are several different pellet pairings to choose from when it comes to brisket. These are the wood pellet flavors that traditionally tend to work best with the cut.

Tennessee Whiskey Barrel

Fortune favors the bold and if you’re going to put in the time for a brisket, you might as well go big with the flavors. Our Tennessee Whiskey Barrel delivers notes of sweet and smoky with a tang, a perfect infusion for juicy and tender beef.

Competition Blend

This combination of maple, hickory and cherry hardwoods makes for an ideal blend of sweet, savory and tart. If you are using a wet mop vs a dry rub on the brisket, I would go with this one.

Texas Mesquite

For those who want a little less sweet and a little more spice, we recommend the Texas Mesquite. Mesquite hardwoods deliver a strong spicy aroma, so if you’re using a Texas Style Brisket recipe, then you'll want to use these pellets.

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Pork Shoulder

Pork shoulder Image

Pork shoulder is one of the best pork cuts you can get. With the amount of meat and flavor there is in a pork shoulder, you get more bang for your buck as they are relatively inexpensive.

Pennsylvania Cherry

Sweet and tart mix well with pork so the Pennsylvania Cherry perfectly combines those two flavors.

New England Apple

If you want a little less sweet and tart flavors than the Pennsylvania Cherry but are still looking a mild smoky aroma, the New England Apple pairs extremely well with pork.

New England Apple

Mild and nutty, this hardwood smoke flavor is very similar to hickory. A great option for those who want a savory flavor to blend with their pulled pork dry rub.

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Whole Chicken

whole chicken Image

Smoked whole chicken is one of the most flavorful BBQ options out there. From the crispy skin to the tender and juicy white and dark meat, what’s not to love? There’s also endless rub options to use on a smoked whole chicken as the meat really lends itself well to seasoning.

Texas Mesquite

Mesquite smoke really adds a nice level of smoky boldness to white meat. If you’re making fajitas or tacos, use this one.

Texas Mesquite

You’ll notice a theme with the white meats and that is Pennsylvania Cherry pairs well due to the sweet and tart flavors and aroma it gives off.

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Whole Turkey

whole turkey Image

Smoked Turkey for Thanksgiving?!? Yes, please! Surprise your family who has probably grown tired of the traditional oven roasted version. And it’s much less of a hassle than deep frying one.

Pennsylvania Cherry

Again, it’s hard to go wrong with the Pennsylvania Cherry and smoked turkey. The tartness will complement the meat, similar to the flavors in cranberry sauce.

Wisconsin Hickory

Have you ever tried to wrap bacon around a whole turkey? Sounds delicious, right? Well it also sounds rather difficult. Not to worry though because our Wisconsin Hickory Hardwood gives off a bacon like aroma and flavor. Slip some bacon fat underneath the skin of the turkey and you’ll be in hog heaven before you know it.

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Salmon Image

Smoking salmon has been around for thousands of years. In areas where salmon flourished it was used as a method to preserve the meat over long periods of time. More recently, people have been using smoked salmon, or lox, and putting it on their bagels with cream cheese. Whichever way you prefer to eat it, here are the best pellets that will enhance the natural flavors of the fish.

Tennessee Whiskey Barrel

The bold and sweet flavors of the Tennessee Whiskey Barrel pellets provide a flavor that almost has the effect of infusing a glaze into the salmon meat. Pairs nicely if you plan on smoking the fish on top of a cedar wood block as well.

Baby Back Ribs

Ribs Image

Probably the most popular cut of ribs from any meat source, and for good reason. Baby back ribs pack the right size of flavor, meat, and fat to please the masses. A properly smoked rack of baby backs is sure to please any group, just as long as you use the right wood pellets that is.

Competition Blend

Even if you’re not entering a rib contest, it makes perfect sense to go with the Competition Blend. Complex but balanced flavors of maple, hickory, and cherry will ignite a pleasing flavor profile on your baby back rack.

Tri Tip

Tri Tip Image

A little-known secret in the BBQ world is that smoked tri tip can match up to any smoked meat out there in terms of flavor. And you won’t have to smoke it for hours to break it down, like you would with a brisket.

Texas Mesquite

The Texas Mesquite will give a fajita like Tex-Mex flavor to the Tri Tip as these pellets pair perfectly with any steak cut.

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