Best Wood Flavors for Smoking Brisket

When smoking brisket, it is best to stick to the basics; salt, pepper, garlic, onion powder, and celery salt. These basic seasonings will work to enhance the taste of this already flavorful meat and help the exterior develop a robust, delicious bark. Since your brisket will be cooking away in smoke for hours, all-natural hardwood pellets also play a critical role in developing the flavor of your brisket. Therefore, we’ll cover our favorite wood pellet flavors and discuss the subtle differences between each one.

What is a Brisket?

The brisket is the pectoral muscle of the cow. A whole packer cut brisket consists of two main parts: the point and the flat.

The point is the fattier cut of the brisket, the part that the popular dish, burnt ends are made. The flat is slightly leaner and corned beef is often made from this cut. Please note that most grocery stores sell just the flat, so make sure you buy the whole brisket when smoking. While it can be smoked, the flat tends lose flavor if it is separated from the point prior to smoking.

Due to the rise of the pellet grilling industry, the demand for brisket has also risen, thus increasing the cost of this once inexpensive meat. For this reason, it is best to choose a quality hardwood pellet flavor for smoking.

What is the Best Wood for Smoking Brisket

Whether you own a pellet grill or use an offset stick burning smoker, the best types of wood for smoking remain the same. Here is the top wood for smoking brisket (in no particular order):


When smoked, hickory hardwood exudes a strong aroma that infuses a very rich, bacon like flavor into meat. It’s an obvious favorite for pork related cuts, but beef brisket fans enjoy it too. For those that plan to add sugar or a sweet sauce, the hickory flavor pairs nicely.


Texas Style Brisket aficionados prefer mesquite hardwood for its strong, almost spicy flavors. Since Central Texas Barbecue relies heavily on beef protein, smoking with mesquite has been the gold standard since the beginning of time. This is the perfect hardwood for those that choose a basic salt and pepper rub in order to enhance and feature the natural beef flavor of brisket.

For high quality wood pellets, be sure to view our hardwood flavor options , made from 100% hardwood with no additives or fillers.


For those that prefer a nutty, mild alternative, pecan is a great choice. Our chefs recommend adding a pinch of red or cayenne pepper to your rub, to give the brisket a hint of spice.


Oak is the most versatile hardwood as it can be used to smoke a variety of proteins and vegetables. However, while milder in flavor, oak hardwood burns very hot, making it a great choice if you’re smoking a brisket at higher temperatures (between 250°F and 300°F).

Hardwood Blends

There are many different types of blends for pellet grills and smokers. For smoking a brisket, it is recommended to start with pure hardwoods and then experiment with blends based on your flavor preferences. Louisiana Grills Competition Blend mixes two milder hardwoods, cherry and maple, with hickory, for aromas that enhance brisket with sweet and savory flavors.

If You’re Smoking Brisket, Do it on a Louisiana Grill

Smoking a brisket can be challenging but when smoking a brisket on a Louisiana Grill, it will deliver a truly rewarding experience (and meal) while also simplifying the process. With multiple temperature probes, enhanced digital controls, and dual forced fan convection heating, what was once a pain staking process of fire management is now easily executed with the touch of a button.

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