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Helpful Hints

  • Before preheating your smoker, make sure it is empty and clean.
  • Wipe off all stainless steel surfaces before preheating. Dirt and food stains will cook into the surface.
  • Ensure the ash/drip pan is clean and free from any debris and fat build-up.
  • Always check your pellet fuel hopper for debris and to ensure that you do not run out of pellets before finishing.
  • ALWAYS PREHEAT YOUR SMOKER BEFORE COOKING. After ignition has taken place, turn your control knob to the PREHEAT setting. Be sure the lid is closed and allow the grill to heat for at least 10-15 minutes or until the thermometer registers over 500° F.
  • To prevent foods from sticking, you can brush or rub cooking oil on the cast iron grill. If using a vegetable spray, use it only before lighting the burn pot. Never spray the grill while there is fire in the burn pot.
  • Sear steak & chicken and cook with the lid down for perfectly grilled food every time.
  • All Louisiana Grills are designed to allow even fan forced heat circulation, so foods cook evenly on all sides. Leave at least 1” of clearance between the food and the hood for proper heat flow.
  • Grilling times in recipes are based on 70ºF (20ºC) weather and little to no wind. Allow more time on cold, windy days, or even for higher altitudes. Allow less time for warmer weather.
  • Grilling times in charts and recipes are approximate.
  • Large or thicker pieces of meat will require more cooking time per pound than smaller or thinner pieces.
  • Foods on a crowded cooking grate will require more cooking time than just a few foods.
  • Foods grilled in containers, such as baked beans, will require more time if grilled in a deep casserole rather than a shallow baking pan.
  • Use long-handled tongs for turning all meats and spatulas for turning burgers and fish. Do not use a fork for turning, as it will pierce the meat allowing the flavorful juices to escape.
  • Determine the doneness of meats by making a small slit near the bone and checking the color. For boneless cuts, make a slit near the centre. For thicker cuts or larger pieces of meat and poultry insert an instant-read thermometer into the centre of the largest muscle of meat or in the inner thigh or breast of poultry. Charring meat, poultry or fish is not recommended.
  • When grilling any meats, poultry or any food remember moisture retention is a must: sear the outside first to lock in juices; add salt, if needed, after cooking; flip cuts of meat when bubbles start to appear so the moisture goes back into the meat; sauces are best applied near the end of cooking to prevent burning; and always use tongs, not a fork.

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