The Country Smoker series has a grill in any size for your cooking needs, from 300 square inches all the way up to nearly 2400 square inches! These BBQs all give you the ability to smoke, grill, sear and bake your food. When you are finished cooking your perfectly smoked salmon you can bake your pies and cookies without overheating your house.


Features of the Country Smoker series:


High Heat Powder Coat

  • 1000°F coating, low maintenance, durable all-weather finish.

Metal auger feed system

  • Time proven design provides even pellet fuel flow, helps eliminate auger jams.

Full-Range Temperature Control

  • No preset heat levels; hot smoke from 180° or sear at 500°+

Convective Cooking "Open Pit Technology"

  • Eliminates the need for a rotisserie, achieves more even cooking temperatures, retains your food's natural juices.

Arched Flavor Guard

  • Dual-channeled grease drain, reduces flare-ups, enhances amount and quality of smoke, improves heat distribution.

Porcelain Coated Cooking Grids

  • Easier maintenance and cleaning for longer life.

Strong Durable Construction

  • Custom built 14 gauge steel body with heavy duty levelers and wheels or castors

Side Mounted Pellet Fuel Hopper

  • Easy to fill & clean, easy service & maintenance.

Also for Whole Hog & Super Hog units:

Dual Feed Configuration

  • 2 independent controls and hoppers; run one side for smoking & the other for grilling or both together for larger meals.

Removable Divider

  • Separates cooking chamber to allow for 2 cooking techniques at once!

Dual Arched Flavor Guard

Dual Hood Thermometers

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