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The features most manufacturers consider "add-ons" or "extras" are Standard Features in the Louisiana Grills Country Smokers.

From the 300 squre inch Tailgater to the nearly 2400 square inch Whole Hog, the Country Smoker series has a for everyone and every occasion from the small 2 to 4 person CS450 to the massive crowd feeding Super Hog. All our grills come with the most desired features as standard.

At it's lowest (180 degrees F to 200 degrees F) temperatures, the Louisiana Grills Country Smoker series provide a hot smoke function that lets the full flavor of the wood pellet smoke permeate your food.  This is method referred to as a "Hot Smoke" since there is a slight amount of heat, but not enough to cook your food.

The Flame Broiler slides open easily allowing you to switch from indirect cooking to direct flame cooking in seconds. Now you can sear, braise, and char grill your food just like the best barbecue restaurants do and achieve the same distinctive sear marks of  a quality grill.

True Convection Cooking, just like the convetion oven in your kitchen, is now possible thanks the the fan forced air that circulates throughout the  inside of the grill, eliminating hot spots and cold spots. The even heat means your food cooks faster, like any other high quality convetion oven, leaving your food tender and juicy; never dry.  This unique feature of the  Louisiana Grills makes it possible to  bake and roast with the absolute precision of a true convection oven. Now you can bake your pies, cakes, bread, even deserts on the top rack while your main course is being grilled on the main grid.


No more babysitting the grill! With the Louisiana Grills Digital Control Center and Programmable Meat Probe, you can set and forget. Roasting your Christmas turkey or Easter Ham will be a worry free, hands free process. Simply set the Digital Control center to your desired temperature, and your Programmabe Meat Probe to your desired internal cooking temperature, and let the grill do the rest. The digital control center will monitor the temperaure inside your grill, adjusting the rate of pellet feed to keep the temperature you set, constant. The Programmable Meat Probe sense the internal temperature of your meat and when it reaches the temperature you set, it signals the Digital Control Center and the heat is reduced to a warming temperature of 170 degrees F, ensureing your meat does not overcook and stays warm until you remove it.


Grilling is now simple enough for a beginner to produce world class barbecues and for the Master Griller to have worry free and hands free perfection everytime!



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